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    Buy African Transkei Shrooms Online


     Origin: South Africa (Wild Shore Region)

     Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3hrs

    Onset Time: 45-60 mins

     Duration: 4-8 hrs


    The African Transkei Cubensis are a highly potent strain of psilocybin mushroom known for producing an extremely prominent body high, and fantastic visuals. The African Transkei originate from South Africa – our first records of them indicate that they were collected in 2002, in Transkei (the Wild Coast region of South Africa.) They were spotted directly growing atop dung under the shade of trees.

    Since that time, the strain has been isolated and researched extensively. In appearance, they are known for their small orange/brown/white button caps and twisting gnarled stems. Unlike many psilocybe cubensis strains, the African Transkei have a veil that remains connected to the cap for a very long time, sometimes not even tearing

    – meaning its remnants remain on the stem as well as the cap.

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    The high from the African Transkei is something out of this world. While not regarded as the most spiritually enlightening mushroom, the visuals produced from this strain constitute an absolute firework show: a stunning combination of tracers, lights, and geometric patterns, moving and building on one another in a mesmerizing choreography, it truly has to be experienced to be appreciated. It is one of the most visually evocative highs you are ever likely to experience.

    As far as dosage is concerned, as always we recommend you proceed with caution – 1-1.5g should be enough to familiarize yourself with the potency of the strain, give you some of the visuals described above, and help prepare you for a more intense trip. A 3.5-4.5g dosage will almost certainly result in the greatest light show you’re ever going to witness.


    Buy African Transkei Magic Mushroom USA, Order African Transkei Shrooms Online from home safely, quality Shrooms at a affordable price.

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